Meeting Your Mother Wound

Are you feeling like it's all getting too much? Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Have you considered that some of this may stem from your childhood?
If so, you may have a Mother Wound.

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    Charlotte Pardy MA Dip Cert Soc Sci mBACP

    Psychotherapist, Author and Meditation Teacher

    Who am I?

    As a psychotherapist I am

    dedicated to sharing my thoughts, experiences and work in helping women to heal from their mother wounds.

    As a fellow survivor I draw on my personal healing journey to help you navigate yours

    I strongly believe that I have a duty to share my knowledge to empower women like you, to improve your mental health and wellbeing through holding a safe space for you to heal, providing therapy to hear you so you can understand yourself, and education to give you the tools to empower yourself.

    If you would like to work with me do get in touch via the contact page or at [email protected]

    What will you learn?

    During this webinar I will talk you through:

    • What the mother wound is
    • How the mother wound happens and how it's passed on
    • Ways in which it can affect you
    • The 15 questions you need to ask yourself to know if it you have it
    • How to get help and support
    • Answers to common questions